Welcome to Mechanical Dust
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My name is Patch Kessler. I enjoy long walks, runs, juggling, cafes, bookstores, and movies. I love pondering problems in mechanics, mathematics, and design. I also love to travel.

Introducing the Linegram!
Voyage to PanLong Village.

Paper with Hugh on arranging
rectangles, and an associated
Java Applet (go Processing!).

Arranging Tatami Mats



Curve Encirclement

The Algebraic Ricatti Equation

Motorcycle Navigation

Euler's Disk

I also enjoy making stuff. Rambling notes from school are here, and a final snapshot of my UCB website is here. My Dad, Mom, and brother all have stuff online too.

  • Brian Hayes Great essays on computing.
  • Ron DeCorte Great essays on watches.
  • George Hart Reminds me of Escher.
  • Arthur Ganson A sculpter of marvelous machines.
  • Oliver O'Reilly Dynamics Guru.
  • Carlo Sequin Simply amazing.
  • Peter Cho I like his applets.
  • MathWorld
  • PlanetMath
  • Biographies of Mathematicians
  • Merriam Webster
  • The Long Now Clock.
  • Timezone, (watch enthusiasts).
  • ThePurists, (more watch enthusiasts).
  • LaTex
  • Notes on Java
  • More notes on Java
  • A PostScript Tutorial
  • The PNG file format