Mechanical Dust
A list of where I've worked and what I've done is available on linkedIn:

The purpose of this page is to share some of my favorite work projects. Since 2007, almost all of my energy has gone into projects I've done as a company employee. Most of the things I've done are secret, and I've agreed to not talk about them. Here are a few which are now public.

Force Touch Trackpad

The force touch trackpad was developed from a discovery and a prototype that I built on my desk. The trackpad led to similar UI changes across the Apple ecosystem (laptops, watch, phones, etc).

Shape Reflector

I built a device for measuring the 3D shape of a shiny surface from a single photograph taken by a cheap camera. The measurement takes a fraction of a second, and the surface data is accurate to within microns.

Balloon Digest

Balloon digest is a javascript tool for tracking metadata in mechanical drawings. The tool colors the drawing according to the quality of build data. The tool also enables basic search and sort, as well as some analysis.

Door Lock Test Fixture

That feeling when all your robots suddenly come to life.

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